We are always busy here on Blackberry Bog Farm. Here are some of the products and projects we have going day to day, and what we work on throughout the year. 



Say hello to our cows! The herd of Scottish Highland cows is growing. We added three calves this winter - Finn, Frost and Fergus have added a lot of smiles to our day. Scottish Highland cows are well suited for the wet winters in Svensen and they fit right in on the farm. Although protective of their young, the mothers like a good head scratch from time to time. During fall they also fetch pumpkins!



Nursery: flowers and plants

One of the first products to come out of Blackberry Bog Farm was flowers and we continue to grow them today. Our nursery business has grown. We currently manage 5 hoop houses full of annuals, perennials, and shrubs. If you are looking for vegetable starts, bedding plants, flowering shrubs, fruit trees, or herbs you can find our plants at Two Old Goats Farm & Feed in Knappa, OR or at any of our Farmers Markets. 

Did you know we sell over 50 varieties of herbs? So if you are looking for a special basil, or just the right mint… chances are we will have something you will love.


Blackberry Bog Farm has a complete hop yard with 20 foot trellises and four varieties of hops: Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, and Willamette. The hops are all cultivated by hand and go to local breweries and home brewers.

Andrew hand picking hops for a local brewery.

Andrew hand picking hops for a local brewery.

fruits and vegetables

There is an acre vegetable field on the farm in addition to the flower field. Further back an orchard holds over 100 fruit trees that were grafted and raised on the farm. As these grow they will provide a welcome addition to the farm.