5, 4, 3, 2 and now 1 Greenhouse - Planting season is winding down!

We started April with plants in every available inch of our 5 greenhouses. As planting season progresses the greenhouses empty out and our customers garden’s fill with all of the wonderful flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Greenhouse in early spring of 2018

Greenhouse in early spring of 2018

It is always a bittersweet time when we start shutting down greenhouses. It is nice knowing that all of our hard work has resulted in such beautiful plants and tasty vegetables. It is discouraging seeing what is left that didn’t sell and now needs to find a home or become compost. It is fun planting up perennials so they will be ready for next year. And it looks a little lonely out there, as greenhouses are meant to be filled with life.

BUT, just as it feels like things are winding down the seed catalogs show up. Page after page of beautiful pictures!!! New varieties, every color available for each type of plant, plants I have never heard of… and plants that I REALLY need!!! There are so many different combinations for hanging baskets and containers, that it is mind boggling. Plus, it sure is fun to make up your own combinations each year! I turn down the corner of each page that has something I think our customers would love. Andrew, who actually runs the nursery, just sits and shakes his head. He knows that the tough part comes when we have to figure out what to order, how many will we need, when do they need to get here so they are planted and ready on time. But, while he has to deal with reality, I enjoy the vision of the greenhouses filling back up with a whole new and wonderful world of flowers.

Soon, we will have our end of season sale and then a little lull as we plan for next year. But, before you know it, January comes and everything begins springing back to life.